Was Kasich’s 2016 McCain Vote Leadership or Lame? KF Gold

When Ohio Governor Kasich was interviewed after he cast his early ballot, he announced he did a write-in for president.  He wrote in John McCain for president. In 2016 he voted for McCain.   It faded out of the news cycle sooo quickly, and with either a slight shrug or a chuckle.  While write-ins are allowed in Ohio, the candidate must have filed intent to be a candidate 72 days prior to the election for the vote to be counted.  Election-wise, Kasich threw away his vote, it won’t be counted.

Was this a lame anti-Trump gesture for a man who couldn’t bring himself to vote for Trump’s opponent, Hillary?  Or, was he offering his constituency a sensible protest vote, a gesture that all Ohio Republicans could take part in, those who refuse Trump but can’t vote Hillary?

I think he was providing anti-Trump Republicans an action that helps to defeat Trump and sends a message to the Republican National Committee, “we are conservatives that require our candidate to be a gentleman and a respectful opponent that stands for democracy”.  McCain never treated Obama as an enemy.  He publicly corrected a supporter who said Obama was “not born here” and a Muslim.  McCain represented a man of conservative values who felt it was beneath him to lie about his opponent in order to “activate the base”.

Why is there no Ohio write-in campaign in Ohio, supporting and explaining this to disenfranchised Republicans?

Mitt Romney has also given Utah Republicans permission to vote as a person of conscience over voting Republican.  Utah has manufactured their own alternative, McMullin.

I wish both Kasich and Romney were more vocal now.  They could lead Conservatives of conscience out of this election, feeling rededicated to their core values and to building a party that reflects these values, instead of being left demoralized and having to wade through the ugliness of Trump’s populist support.  Responsible Republicans need to prepare for the aftermath of this election.  The ugliness will not just fade away, short of a Clinton landslide.


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