Brief: National TV News Summary as Seen in US – Nov 21

A daily ~200 word blog of what is presented across daily national news broadcasts in the US.

I watch most national news broadcasts in the US.  This blog is a summary of what Americans have as top stories each day.  I hope it provides insight to those not in the US of what Americans are hearing in national domestic broadcasts.  I’ll do my best to give headlines in priority of amount of time spent in news.

Trump’s appearance of business interests conflicting with role of president continue spurred by meeting with Indian businessmen.  White Nationalists (also called the Alt Right) have high profile meeting in Washington DC, close with “Heil, Trump” by many. Trump bypasses national media by addressing the US via YouTube. Howard Dean Former Head of the Democratic National Committee called Steve Bannon, recently appointed chief advisor to Trump, “a Nazi”.  There is a trend across programs for Trump surrogates to say the Obama “Birther Movement”, which was Trump’s first foray into national politics was not racist.  Trump continues to use Twitter to complain about unflattering tv content (mostly humor) about him.  Use of water cannons by police on oil pipeline protestors in sub freezing temperatures initially denied by police despite photographs.

I am happy to do this every day.  It would be helpful to receive feedback or constructive criticism so I can improve the quality of these brief summaries.


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