Brief: National TV News Summary as Seen in US – Nov 22 Early Edition

A daily ~200 word blog of what is presented across daily national news broadcasts in the US.

Five children dead, many injured after speeding school bus crash in Tennessee.

Trump charity admits “self-dealing” in tax returns.  “Self-dealing” means using resources from charity for personal benefit.

Trump announces: will not pursue Hillary prosecution (today) , says Clinton Foundation has done good work (yesterday), Clintons “good” people (from 2 days ago), he believes there is “connectivity” between global warming and human activity (today), White supremacists should “cut it out” and he disavows them.

Mitt Romney being seriously considered by Trump for Secretary of State.  Romney one of the people the most critical of Trump during election.

Also, it appears Jarred Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law wants to play a key role in negotiating an Israel-Palestine peace.  (My comment: Great place to cut your teeth in foreign policy work.)

Fear of attacks and increased security on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  This parade is a cornerstone piece of 20th century Americana.

Trump met with major national news heads and correspondents to make relationship more cordial, thinks NBC uses unflattering photos of him.  Trump appears to want greater “off the record” components while talking to press, “off the record” meaning not to be reported. Trump tweets insult at New York Times but ends up meeting with them separately.  No press corp currently following President-elect Trump which departs from historically established standard.

Link of the day:

Obama awards 21 people Medal of Freedom: Robert de Nero, Springsteen, Ellen DeGeneris, Diana Ross, Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Bill and Melinda Gates, Richard Garwin, Lorne Michaels, Robert Redford, Cicely Tyson, Newt Minow, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Margret Hamilton, Grace Marie Hopper – worth googling last two…..    this will be top of news this evening, I am sure.

Right now Trump’s wife Milania and 10 year old son to stay in NY till end of school year at cost of $1M per day for security, NY will seek federal renumeration for cost. Normally, first family moves in day of inauguration.

Discussion of building wall with Mexico visibly absent ( :))from Trump’s agenda past few days.

Business conflict of interest with Trump presidency continues to be discussed.  In fact, US laws do not require president to do anything in particular to separate president from his business, it has just been a tradition of president to sell or create “blind trust”.


My thoughts:  News broadcasts getting surreal in US, from my perspective.  All Trump surrogates defending his decisions and behavior on news programs seem of inferior talent than prior presidential surrogates.  Choose a YouTube of Jeffery London, Paris Dennard or Kayleigh McEnany to see these people in action.  Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer don’t seem to challenge or ask questions that provoke insight or exploration of implications like they did prior to election.  More informational style, less probing.  I think Trump’s dealings with press is having a chilling effect.  Again, just my thoughts.

Brooke Baldwin CNN gets emotional and almost tearful because liberal critic of White Nationalists says Bannon uses the word “nigger” and critic actually says the word, “nigger”.  She doesn’t want this word used on her show.  I thought it was inoffensive because it was used in reporting the offensive behavior, and not used to disparage anyone.


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