Brief: National TV News Summary as Seen in US – Nov 23

A daily ~200 word blog of what is presented across daily national news broadcasts in the US.

New Secretary of Education- End of Federal Common Core – communities determine curriculum (means creation science instead of evolution) , school choice means privatization of schools, this Secretary has a history of anti LBGTQ,

Ben Carson, the brain surgeon who ran for the nomination of the Republican Party choice for Housing and Urban Development.

A few other cabinet appointments.  Nikki Haley Ambassador to UN

Hillary won over 2million more votes than Trump but Trump holds electoral votes.

Jill Stein – 3rd party presidential candidate is trying to challenge vote count in 3 states.  She needs $2 million to fund audit.  She has $50k.  Clinton quiet on this.  Some but not any overwhelming evidence of tampering with electronic vote tallies from machines compared to paper vote.

Electoral college can “in theory” cast their votes so Clinton wins, 6 electors have agreed, they need 36 more to either vote Hillary, abstain or vote for any other candidate, for Clinton to unseat Trumps victory.  Vote happens on Dec 20th.

Huge traffic jams all over country as people go to visit family for Thanksgiving.

super sniffing dogs assisting security of NY Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Obama pardons two turkeys from the roasting pan.



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